Widow is NOT a four-letter-word!


 We can be GREAT moms!

 We can SMILE through our tears!

 We can SPIN our tragedies

          into turning points!

 We WILL get through it!






About WidowMommy.com

WidowMommy.com was created by Kristen Brown, a widow mom, author, award-nominated entrepreneur, radio host and speaker. As a widow herself, she found that the resources were few and far between for moms of young kids. Her goal is to bring all of the resources and expertise together into one comprehensive site for information, support, comfort and inspiration. There will be new articles and stories posted all the time so check back often.

Widowhood is a group no woman wants to join, but if you find yourself there, this is the place to start your journey. And if you know a widow, use this site to better understand what she is going through.  And be sure to Like us on Facebook and join the community!

Welcome, get comfortable and keep moving forward!