Sad Trip: A Poem

By Kristen K. Brown

Push, pull –

            Endless time wraps and coils.

Breathe in, out –

            Embracing and fighting solitude all at once.

Shadowy figures hover –

            Unseen, guiding, revealing truths. [Read more…]


Daddy-less Daughter

By Kristen K. Brown           

Brooke and Me

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school!”  

Brooke, my sassy and sweet three-year-old is once again fighting me in getting out the door to preschool.  But looking out the window at the snow and ice encrusted Minnesota roads, I really don’t blame her.  We had been hibernating all winter and some days, we didn’t even leave the house. (Thankfully I own my own business and work from home!)

“Mom, I want to stay home with you and play Jumping Monkeys and watch Max & Ruby!” She demands. Her crazy blonde curls form a halo of hair around her head as her bright blue eyes plead with me to stay in the comfort of her bed.  She looks nothing like me with my dark brown hair and brown eyes.  She’s a spitting image of her dad whose own blonde curls always made me smile.          [Read more…]