Anniversaries and Milestones

Today is the four year anniversary of Todd’s death. Sometimes it feels like it’s only been four minutes since he died. An unexpected memory will arise or a scent will waft by awakening an emotion in me that reopens the rawness of those early days of grief. Other days it feels like it’s been fourteen years – Todd’s face just a hazy memory and his voice barely discernible amongst all the voices of my past. I guess grief is like that – an unpredictable, always changing journey of emotions that can take me down one moment and lift me up the next. Tonight I am at my daughter’s swimming lessons just spending time reflecting on my life with Todd and my life since he left us. I watch Brooke in the water and I know he’s next to me cheering her on too. Thanks Todd for the impression you left on my world. You continue to motivate and inspire even in your absence!


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