Well, it has happened. After nearly four years of widowhood, dating finally feels right. I have gone on dates. I have tried online dating and matchmaking services. But it felt unnatural and forced. But looking back, I know now that I wasn’t ready. It was me that was forcing something.

But now, after some recent talks with and dream visits from my late husband, Todd, and some clear signs from the spirits, I know now is my time. And despite the fear and anxiety I have over dating (if you’ve read my book you know what I’m talking about), it is clear that things have shifted. I’m the most secure and confident in myself than I have ever been and I just feel great! (which probably means disaster is impending) But nonetheless, I’m diving in with heart and mind open to new love. It doesn’t mean I love Todd any less, but that I am honoring myself and doing what I know he wants for me to do.

Ready, set, go!


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