Family Dynamic

Brooke is only four-and-a-half but is acutely aware of the differences between our family and the traditional view of a mommy/daddy/kids family. I try to reinforce that there are all kinds of families all defined by the love they share. She understands this and calls our dog, her and me “our little family.” But that doesn’t stop her from asking questions and suggesting we expand our clan. She asks for a little brother or sister. She tells me I need a boyfriend so she can have a dad again. She finds every opportunity to add to our household at every turn.

We recently added two fish to our family and Brooke already loves and embraces them as if she’s had them for years. (And as if they are human and not fish!) I so badly want to give her a sibling and a father figure she can grow up with, but it’s overwhelming thinking about adoption as a single parent or having a baby on my own. And the idea of a boyfriend is appealing after almost four years of widowhood-but even more inconceivable than another child. (long story that requires another blog post someday) So I will continue to reinforce the strength and validity of our non-traditional family and hope everything else just falls into place the way it’s supposed to…


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