Solo Travel

I am sitting on a plane headed to NYC for a tradeshow for work. I have a love/hate relationship with travel. I love to have some me-time especially in a city I love. But leaving my daughter breaks my heart every time. She doesn’t mind me leaving. She gets to spend time with her grandparents (both sets) and gets spoiled for a few days. It’s much harder on me being apart than it is for her. And I hate leaving the dog too. He is like my first kid – the big, chubby furball. And I tend to get a bit travel sick-just call me a high maintenance traveller!

Despite my trepidation leaving my comfort zone of home, I always try to embrace my travels whether for work or play. I eat good food, sightsee, do my work and connect with friends wherever I go. I get evening hours to myself to do what I want. This trip I am doing some good dinners with friends and hitting a Broadway show. And I love to just walk the streets of NYC and absorb the energy and remind myself that I am more than just a widow mom. I am an adult, woman, writer, businessperson and brainstormer who feeds off of my surroundings. I need to grasp on to these opportunities as they arise and let my brain work as it will.

And so while my love/hate relationship with travel continues, I try to squeeze as much out of the love part as I can!


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