Me + Plumbing = Surprising Success

The other night I let a candle burn too long and it melted over into the kitchen sink – clogging it beyond easy repair! I chipped and twisted and hacked and could not get through the wax. And when I resorted to a butcher knife, I actually cut right through the pipe popping the metal washer off in the process! After momentary panic, I realized it might be an easy fix. I unscrewed the section of pipe in question and sure enough, there was 6 inches of solid wax filling the accordion bends with no chance in heck at removal. Plus I had broken the metal washer with my violent attack with the knife so it was a lost cause. I called my dad for advice and decided I definitely could do is!

I headed to Home Depot with pipe in hand and a positive attitude boosting my confidence in doing this plumbing repair myself. The friendly worker helped me get the pieces I needed and walked me through EXACTLY what I needed to do. I’m not sure how much confidence he had in me but he sent me on my way with a smile and some words of luck and encouragement. Once at home, I simply followed his directions and put it together exactly like the old pipe. It looked right but it was almost too easy! The real test would be running the water to see if it would hold. I slowly turned the faucet on while monitoring the pipe below. No drips! So far so good! I plugged the drain and filled up the sink. I held my breath and unplugged the drain! Miraculously not a single drop leaked out of either end of the pipe or any of the connectors!

I had done it! Who needs a repairman when some input from my dad and the help of a Home Depot expert empowered me to do it myself!?


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