Garden Fun

Two of our four organic garden beds.

Well – the time has come in MN when we’re “allowed” by Mother Nature to plant our gardens. But it’s 47 degrees and raining here so the impending joy of getting my hands dirty outside has to be postponed. But luckily as soon as there’s a break in the rain, Brooke and I are ready to go out because we bought all of our seeds, prepped the garden beds and plotted them out earlier this week.

We both love to grow stuff. I have had tomatoes for years and the last 6-7 I have had a full garden – not big – but plentiful. Two years ago I invested in a couple of 3×3′ raised beds and they have been amazing for how I garden, but it just wasn’t enough room. So Brooke and I decided to double our garden space. I bought two more 3×3′ beds, got them all put together and loaded up with soil and organic compost and they too are ready for our seeding that will hopefully happen tomorrow. (I am STILL sore from hauling 15 bags of dirt and compost a few days ago!) I am also trying something new this year – potato bags. They are big fabric bags that you plant the potatoes in and apparently – they yield huge crops for a tiny little space. I’m also testing out some new organic compost. I bought my old reliable Earth Food that has given me tomato plants over 5′ tall the last few years. But I also bought a bag of mushroom compost to see how that impacts my veggies. I’ll keep you posted…

Our new potato grow bags.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Brooke picking peas straight from the vine and eating them or have her poke through the tomatoes and peppers searching for new growth. I want her to eat well throughout her life and this has been an amazing tool to help her understand where her food comes from and how it sustains us. Knowing that her dad died so young of a heart attack makes me so, so, so protective of her so I’m willing to do everything to keep her healthy. And the fact that she loves gardening as much as I do makes eating well easy – at least in the summer time when MN is ripe with fresh produce. (pun intended)  If only winter we had more options for fresh produce like they do in the warm climates!

Anyway – that’s my story for this weekend! Hope everyone is doing something fun too!


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