Morning Prep

It was a typical morning in my house. The dog decided to wake me up at 5:30am by slithering up next to me, laying his head on the pillow and breathing heavily into my face. He is a 90 lb black lab so it was almost like a furry human sidling up next to me with really bad morning breath. He wouldn’t give up, so I got up and let him out hoping to crawl back into the warmth of my covers. But like usual, my brain was already awake before my body wanted to be. The to-do lists for the day started swarming so my day began. 

I did a little bit of picking up – Barbies, stuffed animals and Brooke’s latest fairy house – while deciding if the new spring humidity that has set in warrants open-toe shoes despite impending rain. It is the perfect day to lay in bed, but work calls so I get ready and then go in to wake up Brooke who would sleep until noon if I let her. She has the same sleep habits that her dad had – night owl and morning lazy bones! But I don’t mind having a couple of hours to myself in the morning. I will take the me-time whenever I can get it!

But as soon as I wake her up, I know I should have given her another few minutes. As I nudge her gently, all I hear from under the covers is a growl. Uh-oh – when only sounds arise and no words, I know I am in trouble. It takes 15 minutes of coaxing and bribing with breakfast, but finally she gets up. Once the fashion decisions start, she perks up. She is a diva, in love with clothes, shoes and accessories. I don’t know how it happened. OK – I will admit I have encouraged it a little. But now she chooses her outfits on her own – and while some days she looks like a bit of a misfit, I usually let her express that creativity in her wardrobe as she likes. I know I’ll have to put my foot down when she hits the tween years and she starts pushing the boundaries, but for now, yellow leggings, a purple tutu and red t-shirt with a big sun on it seems okay to go with her chosen headband, socks and shoes.

We head out the door – another morning of regular stuff, another start to a regular day.


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