Conquer Fear to Reduce Stress

By Kristen K. Brown

Fear can control our thoughts and emotions more than we realize. It can paralyze us when we need to take action.  It can cloud our judgment when our personal or family livelihood is at stake.  It can even cause us stress without us knowing it. But why are we scared?  Why do we let this emotion control us even when we don’t want it to? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Not sure what will happen after change (fear of future)
  • Not confident in skills/abilities to handle new responsibilities (fear of failure)
  • Don’t trust the leader
  • Afraid of loss, isolation and loneliness
  • Don’t know what people will think of you if you go along with the change (fear of others’ judgments)
  • Scared of money problems
  • Afraid of getting “left behind”
  • Plus a million other excuses and reasons we will fabricate to avoid change

So how can we take back control of fear so it doesn’t hold us back from what we really want to do in our lives? 

The first step is to admit that you’re scared.  Denying fear only makes the problem worse so just let the emotion arise and accept it.

Next, take several minutes or even several days to lay out all of the possible scenarios (good and bad) that could arise if you take the action you’re afraid to take. Look at the positive and negative consequences to your happiness, health, relationships, financial stability – anything you can think of that will impact your life as you move forward. 

Finally, now that you have seen the best and worst that can happen, put together a detailed plan to make your idea a reality. This will help you feel in control of the situation as you put your plan into action.  

And most importantly, have faith in yourself and have fun!  Life isn’t worth living if you’re not enjoying it so step back, be sure you’re prioritizing everything correctly and go with your gut.  If you have thought everything through and looked at all possible outcomes, your fear will be greatly diminished and you’ll feel much more confident in your own power to move forward.

Kristen Brown


Kristen Brown is a widow mom and the founder of, an author, entrepreneur, radio host and speaker. Learn more about her and her companies at



  1. Fear is extremely useful in many situations and gives us the adrenaline our bodies need to get us through stressful situations or to make split-second decisions that can save lives. However, fear can also become a blocker – stopping us from getting out there and really living life and then it needs to be tackled.

    Great post with excellent ideas for how to confront fear and keep moving forward anyway. Thanks for sharing this.

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