How to Experience Eat, Pray and Love After a Death or Divorce

By Pat Nowak

We are inundated by messages and thoughts from the book and movie Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The story takes an accomplished woman on a one-year journey to find “something more” to soothe her troubled soul. 

After a death or a divorce, many women go through the same unsettling feelings and yearn for something to alleviate that nagging depression. Death or divorce triggers a crisis in the life of a woman as she feels empty and facing life alone. Often friends leave and a woman is left to find her own way through the adversity. “If only I can change my life” becomes a mantra.

This book and movie can be used as a means to convey inspirational messages which can be used to help a woman fulfill all of her dreams and aspirations. There is no need to go off on a world trek or spend thousands of dollars that most women don’t have. It takes ingenuity, fortitude and just plain courage to set off on that journey.

Who says we cannot Eat, Pray or Love through depression? We don’t have to jet off toItalyto enjoy Italian food so we can nourish our soul. We can do so in our neighborhood or the next town. Get together a group of your friends and make it a Tuesday lunch or dinner ritual to explore other ethnic cultures through food, entertainment and customs. You can research recipes and pull together a great culinary exchange all without leaving the comfort of your home; the new rituals will broaden your horizons to all that exist beyond your home.

Many women in crisis question the validity of a higher power. They stop going to church and push away the traditions they were reared with. The journey to prayer begins with getting back to basics. Talk to a trusted clergyman about the trepidation you now feel. Explore other religions; if you were a Catholic, visit theLutheranChurch. Prayer is powerful and it can do so much to alleviate your pain if you are willing to push those negative thoughts and open your heart to a spiritual journey that will awaken your soul.

The road to inner piece and balance is a mind over matter principle. While we would all love to fly toBaliand find contentment, the reality is very few of us can or will. Our solace begins with our quest to find the reassurance that we will be okay.

Begin writing a journal of what makes your happy and your imaginings. Start small; perhaps with five or six. It can be nothing more than a trip to a cabin in the mountains for 2 days. Once you actually do something on your list, add another item. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mind becomes engaged in accomplishing things that make you happy rather than sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by. But the best part is you will see the results in your execution. The inner peace and balance you need for your life can be achieved.

While “Eat, Pray and Love” can open up your mind to the possibilities that are available, it is your desire to make things happen that will bring about the results you need for happiness. Open your mind and heart to the spiritual awakening that is just around the corner.

Pat Nowak is the author of “The ABC’s of Widowhood.”

“The ABC’s of Widowhood is filled with precious pearls of wisdom. Its greatest value is the healing it brings to the fragile soul of the broken hearted. Every widow needs and deserves this treasure.”     ~Louis A. Tartaglia, MD Author


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