Movies for Stress Relief

By Kristen K. Brown  

Movie awards season is upon us!  We have viewed the playoffs of the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.  But in a couple of weeks is the big Kahuna of them all – the Oscars – where the best movies of the year will compete for gold.  And as a warm-up, on Friday night will be the Spirit Awards, an annual celebration of the accomplishments in independent film. 

So how does this relate to health and wellness?  Movies have the power to transform us.  We sit in a dark theatre or our own living rooms and find ourselves crying, laughing, afraid, amazed and every other emotion a human being can have simply by the power of the images, words and sounds on screen.  We can walk out of a theatre and the message and meaning of the movie can stick with us for weeks or even years as something inside of us resonates with the action portrayed in the film. 

This power to transform makes movies a perfect antidote to negativity, confusion or sadness in our lives.  If we are struggling with a difficult job situation, we can go to the latest action or sci-fi flick and forget our worries as we root for the good guys to overcome the bad (like you may want to obliterate your boss or a co-worker).  If we are seeking more meaning in our lives, we can go to an independent feature filled with characters overcoming their own challenges and walk out feeling inspired by the story and motivated to make changes in our own lives.  If we are feeling sad, we can see the latest comedy and laugh our butts off for two hours – almost a guaranteed lift in our spirits.

So take advantage of the amazing movies that come out ofHollywoodevery year and make movies a regular part of your life.  And celebrate with the filmmakers, actors, producers, behind-the-scenes workers (cinematographers, key grips, composers, caterers, etc.) and throw your own Oscar viewing party.  And use the simple power of movies to enhance your life by learning from the stories and emotions they evoke in all of us.

Kristen Brown


Kristen Brown is the founder of She is also a widow mom, entrepreneur, author, radio host and speaker. Learn more about her and her work at:


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