8 Ideas to Keep Kids Happy on a Plane

By Kristen Brown

Parents often forget that kids get stressed out too – especially when out of their comfort zone.  A new environment, travel or a new routine can make children cranky and even cause illness.  Below are some tips that can help ease one of the biggest stressors for kids (and parents) – airplane travel. 

  1. Stockpile a bunch of new toys and games he hasn’t seen before and pull them out periodically during the trip
  2. Have a variety of snacks available.
  3. Bring a portable DVD player with headphones or an iPod loaded up with his favorite television shows and movies.
  4. Bring ColorWonder paints and markers.  They only show up on special paper and don’t make a mess.
  5. Keep a written and/or video journal of the trip with your child including drawings, stories and pictures. 
  6. If he is under two years old and you can afford it, buy him his own seat.  You will be glad to have the extra space and it will make naps and meals a lot easier.
  7. Have his favorite blankets and stuffed animals in his own backpack or bag. 
  8. If all else fails, walk the aisles.  Fellow passengers would rather have a quiet child walking than a crying child stuck in his seat.

What are your favorite tips for keeping kids happy while traveling?

Kristen Brown


Kristen Brown is a widow mom and the founder of WidowMommy.com, an author, entrepreneur, radio host and speaker. Learn more about her and her companies at www.KristenKBrown.com.


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